Success stories




This beautiful and vibrant woman, a highly qualified specialist in her field, experienced 10 hard years without a promotion due to her poor English language skills.

Her written language skills were intermediate but she has never actually spoken English in all her life. Already after three lessons she started to speak. She was speaking and speaking and she could not stop…

Sylwia worked hard using the Scandinavian Method® at home but also was meeting with a Scandinavian Method® Coach who organized all her grammar knowledge and made sure that she followed the Method correctly. Soon Sylwia was ready to interview for any director job that she wanted!

But Sylwia surprised us all and decided to follow her heart instead. She decided to pack her bags and moved to Malta to work as a restaurant manager. And she is finally very happy.

We are very happy for you too Sylwia!




Patrycja was a young single girl who wanted to learn English to find a new job. But mostly she wanted to find love. Patrycja’s English was at a pre-intermediate level when she started. She was basically not able to speak English at all.

After a few months together she started to speak English well enough so she could change her job to a higher position in an American company that required her to speak English all the time.

But most importantly Patrycja fell in love! She met a Swedish-Danish man at work who had a Norwegian grandmother and a Finnish grandfather! And we cannot stop joking that it is the Scandinavian Method® that showed her what kind of man is right for her! So thanks to her new found English skills she finally found love!

Right now Patrycja is starting to learn Swedish using the Scandinavian Method® as this method can be used for any language.

So good luck with everything – including Swedish!




Iza was an ex-journalist and Jan was an ex-businesses executive. They quit their old jobs and started a new company together but they needed more new clients from abroad. They were learning English for nearly 40 years without actually believing that they knew anything.

They left for Belgium early one Monday morning in order to negotiate a new contract which was vitally important for their company to survive. Of course the meeting was in English. But it was NOT only about speaking the language but also about making a good first impression, negotiating the prices and then actually getting the contract!

Thanks to the fantastic combination of working at home using the Scandinavian Method® as well as working together with a Scandinavian Method® Coach who made sure that they followed the method correctly they succeeded in a very short time. In a few months they reached a level that allowed them to negotiate their own contracts successfully.

Great job guys!




Fully professional, very nice and developing atmosphere, original method, patience and the feeling that every second is utilized for learning.
The conversation classes which quickly and very effectively raised my level of English. Each meeting with Katrin is like a spring in time of drought;) In addition, Katrin adds valuable advice about the psychology of learning and how to think in order not to stress and have more self-confidence, based on his own teaching method.
The nice thing is that you do not use a heap of textbooks and notebooks during meetings. What counts here is the individual approach to the student, listening to his or her needs. Every day I more and more impressed with Katrin's methods of teaching and her approach. My work with her brings results and this is probably the most important thing about it all;))))))) Thank you very much once again and I highly recommend it to everyone!


I have been working with Katrin since October 2018. Thanks to the method of teaching I gained a lot of self-confidence in communication in English as well as a wide range of vocabulary used every day. Today I can communicate fluently in English, which gives me great satisfaction. And Katrin is an amazing person, very warm, friendly and with super positive energy. The lessons are very intensive and informative, the time passes super fast 🙂 I recommend Katrin's method very much for advanced levels but also for beginners!


Katrin is an incredible professional - I'm sure that everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her knows this. A great teacher with a great gift such as
is the ability to communicate knowledge - without it being boring! I can always count on great support from her (valuable comments and tips). She is able to
motivate me to work harder.
But that's not all - Katrin is above all a wonderful person, genuine and sincere, who can really listen to others. She is a very warm and open person. Sometimes she is both a psychologist and teacher in one.
Katrin - thank you for everything 🙂
The lessons are lots of fun and the atmosphere is great. Instant effects!
I recommend it!


Katrin is both a very good teacher and a wonderful, wise person 🙂 The one hour lesson passes unbelievably quickly with her, and at the same time the classes are very intensive and informative. With Katrin you can feel at ease, which helps you to break down the barrier of communicating in a foreign language. She is a great expert and she teaches real life English 🙂


A brilliant person
who unlocks with a magic key the most closed, resistant, introverted people and makes them speak! The best language teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with during my whole life – and I was learning several languages.


Katrin is the best teacher in the world!
A fantastic teacher who teaches using her own method and she is very positive and friendly. As a psychologist she can perfectly read the needs of the student, she helps you to open up and also motivates you to do your work.
I sincerely recommend Katrin to any student at any level!


Five stars!
A super teacher with an individual approach to each student. Can pass on her knowledge even to those who have a huge language barrier and help them overcome it.
I recommend!!!!!!!


Katrin is a great teacher!
She is a great motivator, and her method makes it possible for us to speak any language we want!
I recommend her and the method 🙂


Katrin is fantastic and amazingly likeble
– and you cannot learn together with someone you do not like! Katrin’s method is a very interesting method of learning. It works for me 🙂
I recommend it very much.



The language barrier will collapse after the first few lessons. Another very effective approach to teaching and a lot of guidance on the actual use of language structures.
I recommend it - IT WORKS!


Katrin is the best and one and only! A combination of intelligence, positive attitude and understanding of each person individually. At the same time she is quite emanding when it comes to learning and achieving the chosen goal. I could not imagine a better teacher than her. With all my heart


An excellent teacher offering an effective teaching method. A great asset is Katrin's unique personality with her passion and positive energy which she passed on to her students. A brilliant way to quickly learn a language. Anyone who has doubts as to whether they can EVER learn English must absolutely try it.


Myfavourite teacher ❤❤❤
Katrin prepared me for an important job interview in English at first and then we learned Business English together. Katrin is a warm and nice person, but also an accurate and demanding teacher. Her lessons are never boring.
Love you ❤❤❤


I have been learning English with Katrin for two years. I really like it. I feel much more confident when speaking English. Katrin knows how to detect my pronunciation and grammar mistakes and I have made great progress. Besides, Katrin has this way of being, that just makes you want to learn.
I highly recommend it.


Katrin is both a great teacher and a great person.
All the positive feedback I read about her beforehand turned out to be one hundred percent true. The teaching method itself is very simple, logical and consistent. It brings very fast results, regardless of the level of your skills. However, there is one basic prerequisite for this – you must do your homework. Luckily, the homework is interesting so if you like films, TV series or music you will enjoy it! Additionally, Katrin is able to positively motivate you to do your work. Thanks to that you always come prepared for the classes. Lessons with Katrin are never boring and the time passes almost too fast. The classes are also always tailored to your needs. If you want to finally organize your knowledge of all this English that you learnt over the years and see what it really means to know English wellthen this is the place, the method and the person
for you!


I found Katrin by chance on the Internet.
I needed help not only with learning English but also with learning how to believe in myself –
believing that I can actually speak English well. Katrin is the best teacher I have ever had.
She is a witch who charms you with her magic in such a way that it is impossible not to learn this language.
The master of motivation! The lessons are fun and most importantly - not stressful. The effects are visible very quickly.
I recommend the method and the Teacher with all my heart!


The best English teacher that I had. If you have a problem with the language barrier I recommend Katrin. Guaranteed effects even for people with low language abilities 🙂


Fantastic teacher, fantastic method, fantastic results 😀 No boredom just pure fun! I highly recommend lessons with Katrin 🙂


Katrin is the best Native Speaker I have ever had. She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. She knows human nature very well and that is why she can have such great individual approach to every student.


The best teacher ever!:) During 1.5 years Katrin has taught me more than in the last 20 years and I am not afraid to speak English now. Katrin's passion, commitment, attitude and above all her method make you want to go to her classes even after a hard day:)
I highly recommend it!☺☺☺


I own a large business consulting company. I need a very good knowledge of English as on a daily basis I conduct training with English speaking clients. Now I feel much more confident which of course translates to more happy clients and growing business for me. And I also discovered the magic of Present Perfect which I hated in the past, before lessons with Katrin of course 🙂


I definitely recommend classes with Katrin! She is a great teacher and learning with her is a pleasure. She is also a great person and while simply speaking to her you suddenly realize that another grammatical mystery has become somehow completely clear and you did not even noticed how it happened! If you want not only to study and study without seeing the light in the tunnel but to actually finally also really learn something then I recommend classes with Katrin.


Katrin is not only a great and motivating teacher, but also a fantastic person 🙂 After every lesson, when I was leaving, I felt charged with her positive energy.I have not yet met a teacher who would be so committed to her work.
I strongly and sincerely recommend it 🙂


Definitely my best English teacher! The lessons have always been interesting. Very interesting topics, which made it easier to remember everything. I am happy to go to these lessons 🙂


I have been learning for over a year with Katrin and I have never experienced such intense progress before. I had 3 teachers before Katrin and all the lessons were just plain boring - we were learning from textbooks and I felt like I was back in the elementary school. Katrin is very different, she is very committed and gives 100% each time.The lessons are interesting, go really fast and most importantly I finally started to speak English. Woohoo! I also went to Sweden to do a training in my profession in English! Finally I am not limited by the language! I have been learning English with breaks for about 30 years and I have never reached such high level before and in such a short time. I have always thought that I am a completely hopeless language learner and that there is something wrong with me and my brain 😉 But Katrin showed me that there is nothing wrong with me!
Thank you Katrin with all my heart 🙂


When I read the following reviews before my first lesson with Katrin I assumed that they were a bit exaggerated. Well, what to be so excited about? After all, these are only English lessons. And yet, after the first lesson, I found out that there was no exaggeration. Before our first conversation lesson I was afraid that 60 minutes might be too long, that it would kill me but when the lesson was over, I didn't want to leave 🙂  Katrin has an incredible ability to direct the conversation to the topics that you want to talk about. When she corrects the grammar or the vocabulary used, she does it in such a way that you almost do not notice it. And her personality makes it feel like she is your best friend and it makes you want to talk more and more, which obviously improves your English.



Katrin is the best English teacher you can find! There is no typical studying and instead a lot of practice of language that is used on a daily basis. The results are immediate - you just start talking! That is what was my biggest problem - a terrible fear of having a conversation and making stupid mistakes. But with each lesson it was getting better and I now feel very comfortable speaking English. In addition, Katrin is a nice person to talk to - about everything. The atmosphere of the lesson is great!


If you are looking for a reliable Native Speaker in Warsaw (which is not one of the simplest things) Katrin is the right person! The advantage of Katrin's teaching technique is that she secrettly conveys the knowledge to you and you do not even notice that you are learning. She leads the conversation in such a way so that you are using grammar and correct sentence structures to describe the situations of your life, without realizing that you are actually taking part in an English lesson. The whole time you are kind of feeling like you are talking about interesting things in your life to a friend. I also feel sometimes that during the lessons I am magically transported to another continent (Australia) which is simply wonderful.


Katrin is a great person to learn English with. Thanks to her knowledge of many different cultures, she easily finds the right way to teach. Lessons with her are a pleasure and you cannot believe that the lesson is finished. If only lessons at school passed so fast 🙂 I have had a few English teachers, tutors and native speakers in my life. And I can certainly say that she is my last English teacher 🙂


Thanks to learning with Katrin I understood that teachers at school either did not want to or did not know how to teach us English. Anyone who thinks that there is no hope for them and have not been able to learn English all their lives can be finally pleasantly surprised. The secret behind Katrin’s lessons is the simplicity of communication, freedom of expression, zero stress and focus on effects. If you are not looking for a typical school teacher, but someone with commitment and passion who will quickly help you to finally succeed, I sincerely recommend it!


Lessons with Katrin are pure fun! Practical tips, simple ways of communication, conversations and cleverly explained grammar is what distinguishes her from other English language teachers. The classes are very interesting and fun which makes you learn vocabulary, phrases and grammar faster. I have met several English teachers in my life but eventually I stayed with Katrin because only she can guarantee the fastest progress in my studies.
I highly recommend classes with Katrin.


Katrin is a nice person. I studied with her before my summer trip to the States. Her method is good for people who do not like schools and are rather individualists. Katrin's method requires work. If you really want to learn English, you are hard-working, you can treat Katrin as a mentor. She will give you a great tool and confidence, but the rest is you and your work. I am really lazy but I must say that Katrin's method worked like a real kick and I feel that after just a few lessons I went up a level.
I recommend it!


The best teacher I have ever had! 60 minutes lessons pass like 15 minutes. Learning is quick and fun and thanks to that the results are visible fast too:) But not only the lessons are great - Katrin is also an incredibly warm and positive person! 🙂


Katrin is able teach English to even the most difficult students like myself 😉 She offers a lot of positive energy and the lessons are a pleasure. She is very involved in working with the student and her teaching methods work wonders!


Katrin is the best teacher I have ever had. Lessons are conducted with passion and you never get bored. It was with her that I finally understood grammar and started to use English after the years of trying and trying and getting nowhere.



Zero boredom.  A lot of creative entertainment.  Humour, emotions, relaxation. Expanding your horizons. Wonderful "magic tea".  Does all this sound like an English lesson? Applause for Katrin - excellent combination of a psychologist and teacher 🙂


A great teacher. I have been learning from Katrin for about 2 years and the progress I have made is completely incomparable to that of language schools. I am thinking of all aspects, from grammar, vocabulary and, above all, practical language skills, freedom of expression and practical English language skills.
I recommend it to everyone!


Katrin is a great person. She has a very individual and professional approach, the atmosphere is very friendly, which makes learning easier. We talk about what interests me and the lesson passes in a blink of an eye!
I highly recommend it!


I recommend 100%! I've been a student of Katrin for a year and a half and I could not do better, the results were already clearly visible after my first lessons. I recommend it to everyone, both beginners to advanced students!


I recommend a lessons with Katrin. The effects are noticeable very quickly. The lessons are very pleasant. Katrin is able to create an atmosphere of complete freedom and optimism.


Katrin is not only a great teacher who can explain the grammar rules simply and logically, learn vocabulary and motivate people to learn - she is also a fantastic person who is willing to talk about any subject and I can not wait for the next class!


Lessons with Katrin are the opposite of learning English at school or at a variety of courses, which probably everyone has experienced with a known (zero or less 😉 result. Lessons with Katrin are of a completely different quality:  they are motivating, clever and fascinating, just like the lady that leads them :-):-):-)



If you become Katrin’s student you have no choice but to achieve desired results. Always very interesting classes, during which you can learn not only a lot, but also have fun 🙂


Katrin is competent, organised and positve. A teacher with passion. Efficient and effective 🙂


Price/ quality ratio are at a very high level as it is not just an English lesson, there is magic going on 🙂


I recommend you all classes with Katrin – a wonderful teacher and person. She can help anyone learn English!



Learning English from Katrin is a sheer pleasure as she teaches how to use the language in real life. She has created an innovative method that allows you to assimilate many phrases and words that are useful in everyday life in a short period of time. She is a very warm person who infects you with his positive energy and motivates to work. All language barriers disappear because you have the impression that you are talking to your best friend 🙂
I highly recommend it!
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