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Katrin Flaumenhaft is the author of the Scandinavian Method®, which involves learning any language at no extra charge, in your own home and without a teacher.

The Scandinavian Method® is an officially registered and patented method of learning foreign languages. The name and logo are protected trademarks, and the method can only be taught by qualified and authorised trainers. Only then is it used correctly, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Katrin Flaumenhaft is a specialist with many years of experience in the field of language teaching, as well as a qualified clinical psychologist. She completed her studies in Sydney, Australia. She has previously trained and lived in many countries including England, Australia and Sweden.

The creation of the Scandinavian Method® is the culmination of her extensive experience as a clinical psychologist and language learning specialist. The Scandinavian Method® makes it possible to quickly learn a foreign language in your own home, at no extra cost and without a teacher, so that users of the method feel completely independent!


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The Scandinavian Method® is an excellent tool for learning any foreign language. It teaches the language using your favorite TV series, movie or show.

If you have been learning English for many years and are still unable to use it effectively, this is the way for you. The method brings extraordinary results, especially when all other learning systems have failed. You don't have to use any boring textbooks - you learn by watching your favourite series, movies and TV shows! If years pass and nothing works, try the Scandinavian Method®!

The Scandinavian Method® teaches speaking, writing, listening and reading in any language. It mimics the way Scandinavians learn English. They do this effortlessly by simply watching television without dubbing or voiceover, in the original language.

The Scandinavian Method® is a special analysis of film footage that helps you remember new words, but also teaches you how to use them. You do all the language exercises at home, without having to move around a crowded city or pay high rates to teachers.

Our Center trains experienced trainers of the Scandinavian Method®, who specialize in teaching English. Once mastered, it can be used to teach any foreign language.


Students need a good Language Specialist – a Coach to organize their knowledge, identify and fill the gaps and send them out to the world with a new found confidence.

That is why at the beginning you meet your Scandinavian Method® Coach who makes sure that you use the Scandinavian Method® properly. You usually need approximately 5 meetings with your Scandinavian Method® Coach to become proficient at using the Method.

The Scandinavian Method® Coaches are the most important part of the process – they lead you through every step of the Method, support and motivate you.

The Scandinavian Method® Coaches check what you know already and what you need to learn. They show you how to use the Scandinavian Method® to build up your vocabulary and your SPEAKING, LISTENING, WRITING AND READING skills. And most importantly - they identify your barriers and break them!




This beautiful and vibrant woman, a highly qualified specialist in her field, experienced 10 hard years without a promotion due to her poor English language skills.

Her written language skills were intermediate but she has never actually spoken English in all her life. Already after three lessons she started to speak. She was speaking and speaking and she could not stop…

Sylwia worked hard using the Scandinavian Method® at home but also was meeting with a Scandinavian Method® Coach who organized all her grammar knowledge and made sure that she followed the Method correctly. Soon Sylwia was ready to interview for any director job that she wanted!

But Sylwia surprised us all and decided to follow her heart instead. She decided to pack her bags and moved to Malta to work as a restaurant manager. And she is finally very happy.

We are very happy for you too Sylwia!

Katrin is the best teacher in the world! A fantastic teacher who teaches using her own method and she is very positive and friendly. As a psychologist she can perfectly read the needs of the student, she helps you to open up and also motivates you to do your work. I sincerely recommend Katrin to any student at any level!
Katrin is a great person to learn English with. Thanks to her knowledge of many different cultures, she easily finds the right way to teach. Lessons with her are a pleasure and you cannot believe that the lesson is finished. If only lessons at school passed so fast 🙂 I have had a few English teachers, tutors and native speakers in my life. And I can certainly say that she is my last English teacher 🙂
Katrin is the best and one and only! A combination of intelligence, positive attitude and understanding of each person individually. At the same time she is quite emanding when it comes to learning and achieving the chosen goal. I could not imagine a better teacher than her. With all my heart I RECOMMEND!!!!!!
If you become Katrin’s student you have no choice but to achieve desired results. Always very interesting classes, during which you can learn not only a lot, but also have fun 🙂
The language barrier will collapse after the first few lessons. Another very effective approach to teaching and a lot of guidance on the actual use of language structures. I recommend it - IT WORKS!
Thanks to learning with Katrin I understood that teachers at school either did not want to or did not know how to teach us English. Anyone who thinks that there is no hope for them and have not been able to learn English all their lives can be finally pleasantly surprised. The secret behind Katrin’s lessons is the simplicity of communication, freedom of expression, zero stress and focus on effects. If you are not looking for a typical school teacher, but someone with commitment and passion who will quickly help you to finally succeed, I sincerely recommend it!
I recommend 100%! I've been a student of Katrin for a year and a half and I could not do better, the results were already clearly visible after my first lessons. I recommend it to everyone, both beginners to advanced students!


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