Students need a good language specialist - a coach who will put their knowledge in order and then release them into the world with new confidence.

Therefore, at the beginning of your work with the Scandinavian Method®, you will meet your Coach, who will prepare you to use it correctly. You need five such meetings in order to learn how to use the Scandinavian Method® fluently.

Cooperation with the Scandinavian Method Coach® is the most important part of the process - he will guide you through each step of the Method, he will support and motivate you. Your Coach will check what you already know and what you need. He'll show you how to use the Scandinavian Method® to build vocabulary and acquire skills in speaking, listening, writing and reading English. Most importantly - he'll identify your barriers and break them down!

The Scandinavian Method® is ideal for people who want to learn English quickly, after years of trial and error. After completing the training course and doing the homework correctly, you can effectively learn the language at home in the future, at no extra cost and without a teacher!



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The Scandinavian Method® prides itself on the fact that anyone who completes the course will be able to effectively learn the language at home, without any additional fees and without a teacher!

Every person will possess this skill - every person without exception!

We noticed that a number of our students felt the need for additional meetings for motivational purposes after the course.

Therefore, in order to meet the wishes of our clients and the individual needs of our students, we have included in our offer both 30-minute and 60-minute motivational lessons with a Coach.


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Katrin is the best teacher in the world! A fantastic teacher who teaches using her own method and she is very positive and friendly. As a psychologist she can perfectly read the needs of the student, she helps you to open up and also motivates you to do your work. I sincerely recommend Katrin to any student at any level!
Katrin is a great person to learn English with. Thanks to her knowledge of many different cultures, she easily finds the right way to teach. Lessons with her are a pleasure and you cannot believe that the lesson is finished. If only lessons at school passed so fast 🙂 I have had a few English teachers, tutors and native speakers in my life. And I can certainly say that she is my last English teacher 🙂
Katrin is the best and one and only! A combination of intelligence, positive attitude and understanding of each person individually. At the same time she is quite emanding when it comes to learning and achieving the chosen goal. I could not imagine a better teacher than her. With all my heart I RECOMMEND!!!!!!
If you become Katrin’s student you have no choice but to achieve desired results. Always very interesting classes, during which you can learn not only a lot, but also have fun 🙂
The language barrier will collapse after the first few lessons. Another very effective approach to teaching and a lot of guidance on the actual use of language structures. I recommend it - IT WORKS!
Thanks to learning with Katrin I understood that teachers at school either did not want to or did not know how to teach us English. Anyone who thinks that there is no hope for them and have not been able to learn English all their lives can be finally pleasantly surprised. The secret behind Katrin’s lessons is the simplicity of communication, freedom of expression, zero stress and focus on effects. If you are not looking for a typical school teacher, but someone with commitment and passion who will quickly help you to finally succeed, I sincerely recommend it!
I recommend 100%! I've been a student of Katrin for a year and a half and I could not do better, the results were already clearly visible after my first lessons. I recommend it to everyone, both beginners to advanced students!
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